Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney

You may be wondering why I included this photograph in my final post of the day. Do I have a fetish for women's clothes? Perhaps I have a thing about highly polished floors?

Take a closer look. Does anything about this photograph strike you? Keep in mind this was taken on a Friday, just before lunchtime.

It's virtually empty.

I can tell you why it's empty. It's because it's bloody impossible to find anyone to serve you!

Everyone complains about the lack of service experienced in this particular retail chain, yet despite it's public notoriety, the company that owns it keeps wondering why it is bringing down the rest of the group.

I once tried to buy a suit in this particular store and as it was for a special occasion, I was prepared to spend big bikkies. It took me half an hour before I found an assistant to help. When I did find one, at least she was truthful. She told me my stomach spoiled the look of the suit. I told her I had put on weight while waiting for assistance.

My 73 year old mum was also on the receiving end of their idea of tact. When she asked if she was on the right floor for a cardigan - or as she put it, "cardie", she was politely told, "No madam, this is for the young and chique". I don't think my mum has ever been young, chique - or even a human being - but that's another story!

Wherever you may be - be safe!