Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney

That's it for tonight.As Halloween approaches (which is not a big event in Australia) the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have issued safety tips that parents should follow to ensure no harm will come to dear little Jason or Samantha.

So please ensure you adhere strictly to the following.

* Inspect the treats they are given

* Children shouldn't accept or eat candy that isn't commercially wrapped

* They should wait until they get home to eat their candy

* Parents should dispose of homemade items from their child's goodie bag

* Parents should Inspect candy for suspicious markings and tampering

* Ensure that juice served at parties is pasteurized, to kill bacteria

It seems the age old warning, "Don't take any sweets from strangers" has been updated.

Yesterday afternoon I looked out my kitchen window and saw a sight that (1) made me wonder what decade I had been transported to (2) filled me with mixed feelings.

A young schoolboy, grey school shirt hanging out of his grey school trousers, was riding an old bicycle up and down the road. No helmet, no knee pads or elbow pads, no fancy lycra shirts or shorts. It could have been me 35-40 years ago.

Everything about that scene looked so wrong. Yet everything looked so right.