Saturday, October 01, 2005

Defense: Iraq prison abuse company wins $9 million U.S. Navy contract

CACI International has won a $9 million contract to support the U.S.Navy's simulation training. The GRTS (Generic Reconfigurable Training Systems), program enables training modules to be created and adapted for specific purposes quickly and efficiently.

Under the terms of the award, CACI will deliver modeling and simulation support for GRTS that provide computer-aided intelligent training systems and training on damage control systems for the Navy.

Richard Armitage, the former deputy US secretary of state was a board member of CACI, a company that once described its aim as, "helping America's intelligence community in the war on terrorism."

One way in which they helped was by providing twenty-seven interrogators working under Army command in Iraq.

One employee, Steve Stefanowicz, was named as having "allowed and/or instructed" MPs to abuse and humiliate Iraqi prisoners and as giving orders that he knew "equated to physical abuse."

A 53 page report into prison abuse at Abu Ghraib, written by Major General Antonio M. Taguba, also recommended disciplinary action against a second CACI employee, John Israel.

Taguba concluded, that along with two others, Stephanowicz, and Israel "were either directly or indirectly responsible for the abuse at Abu Ghraib," and strongly recommended immediate disciplinary action.