Saturday, October 08, 2005

Day and a half off!

Last night I passed the 1,000 post mark, (this blog started in May) so I have decided to take the rest of the day off - and also tomorrow!

Earlier I made a post concerning the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda, a post that came hot on the heels of the claims that Bush believed his illegal invasion of Iraq was a mission form God. This comes as no surprise to us here, it is something that has been claimed and discussed many times in Australian media.

Once again I found myself thinking of that marvellous spoken song, "There Are Too Many Saviours On My Cross"performed and written by the actor Richard Harris. Below, are a few extracts

"There are too many saviours on my cross
lending their blood to flood out my ballot-box
with needs of their own.
Who put you there?
Who told you that was your place?
You carry me secretly naked in your hearts,
and clothe me publicly in armour,
saying"God is on our side,"Yet I openly cry"
Who is on My side? Who, tell Me who?
You who buried your sons and crippled your fathers
whilst you buried My Father in crippling His Son."


"Who gave you the right to increase your fold
while decreasing the pastures of My flock?
Who gave you the right?
Who gave it to you, who?
and in whose name do you fight?"


"I am not orange, I am not green,
I am a half-ripe fruit, needing both colors to grow into ripeness,
and shame on you to have withered my orchard!
I, in my poverty, alone and without trust,
cry shame on you and shame on you again and again
for converting Me into a bullet and shooting Me into men's hearts."

And whenever I hear Bush utter God's name, the final line of the song always comes to mind.

"Our Father, who art in Heaven - sullied be Thy Name."

Till Monday Sydney time - wherever you may be - be safe

Photo: The Lorikeet I mentioned last night:)