Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Advertising: First Sony's "thorny" ad - now a poker playing Jesus

Hot on the heels of Sony's "crown of thorns" Playstation ad, comes Irish bookmaker Paddy Power and his advertisement depicting Jesus and the Apostles playing poker at the Last Supper.

Billboard posters on display in Dublin, show Jesus with a pile of poker chips, Judas with 30 pieces of silver and other apostles clutching hands of cards. The punch line for the ad is: "There's a place for fun and games."

It is not the first time his ads have caused controversy. One ad featured two elderly ladies using Zimmer frames to cross a road with odds written above them.

He defended that ad by claiming it was a race to see who could cross the road first. However, others saw it as relating to which woman would be run over by a car.