Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Goodnight from Sydney!

This is it - the last post of a day that made me want to don a "Born To Whine" T Shirt.

However, I decided to get in touch with my inner-artist and create something of cultural and artistic merit. There it is, in the top left hand corner of this post.

I admit that many of you may look at the photo and say to yourself, "that looks like a couple of supermarket trolleys/carts." And yes, it is a couple of supermarket trolleys.

Take a look again. Think outside the box and you will see what I as an aspiring artiste saw.

"Working Class Struggle."

The subtle yet powerful imagery symbolises and epitomises the eternal struggle of the working classes against the bourgeoisie. Obvious innit.

In my suburb we have two supermarkets, (I don't like either of them so I am not going to give them free advertising!) Many people, including myself, walk to the supermarket, do their grocery shopping then wheel the whole lot home in the trolley. When you reach your destination you simply leave it on the nature strip or on the side of the footpath, to be collected.

The supermarkets pay for a truck to go around the area all day long collecting the trolleys and taking them back to the supermarkets.

The symbolism is of course, obvious. The shopping trolleys are used to carry the burden of others, then when they are of no further use they are discarded. Left on the side of the footpath without so much as a goodbye or any recognition of their work. Dumped.

But soon the trolleys start to revolt. Years of being pushed around take their toll and they develop minds of their own. No matter what the shopper does, the trolley will go where it wants to go. Revolution!

I reckon the National Art Gallery of Australia would think this photo worth at least ten grand - if not more.

Wherever you may be - be safe!