Monday, August 15, 2005

Advertising: Nike head for big butts and thunder thighs

Nike is introducing a campaign that celebrates women's "big butts, thunder thighs and tomboy knees."

AdAge.Com reports that the ads have six different images representing six different parts of the body, including a posterior in an ad that shows a well-rounded bum and copy that reads:

"My Butt is big and round like the letter C, and 10,000 lunges have made it rounder but not smaller. And that's just fine. It's a space heater for my side of the bed. It's my ambassador. To those who walk behind me, it's a border collie that herds skinny women away from the best deals at clothing sales. My butt is big and that's just fine. And those who might scorn it are invited to kiss it. Just do it."