Sunday, May 08, 2005

Overpowered By Empowered

Every so often a word or phrase comes along, and you just know that every PR, media, marketing consultant etc., will try their hardest to use it as many times as they can.

The latest to offend the ears of those who can spot a wannabe at ten metres is, "Empower." Everyone and everything is or will be,"empowered." Sure, it's a good word - but only if used in moderation.

Soon a packet of frozen fish will empower you to free up your busy schedule. No longer will it be a quick meal because you are totaly zonked out after a long day at the office, (ready to "crash and burn" that's another that gets up my nose) you will be - empowered.

Hell, I have even used it myself because I knew the other party would expect it! Now that's sad!

Some words and phrases are very practical, especially those that lead your target audience to believe you have said or written one thing, when you actually haven't.

Australia's Prime Minister, John Howard is a masterful practitioner of this technique and should be included as a role model in any business communication course. But words like, "empowered" tend to become tiresome very quickly, eventually making a definite but negative statement about the user.

Just my little blue sky, state of the art, cutting edge of technology thoughts:)