Sunday, May 08, 2005

Outsourcing Intelligence

Already outsourcing the questioning of those believed to be involved in terrorism, to countries with rather less subtle methods than can be officially used in the land of the free, the C.I.A. intends to forge closer links with major companies in countries such as India.

According to the Washington Post, the C.I.A. plans to decentralize many of it's operations and develop new techniques for undercover intelligence, including forging relationships with the large multinationals.

The increasing number of American, European, Australian and Japanese companies that have moved or intend to move operations to India, provide the opportunity for the C.I.A. to establish intelligence operations similar to the way the British used the East India Company.

While FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and outsourcing jobs will be welcomed by Indian politicians, will the C.I.A. connection prove to be the undesirable side effect of a sugar coated pill?